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The headed back to the beeg. com surf "Erik do you think it's safe to come out of the water" Colin www.beeg..com said with a giggle! Part 7: Taking a tour beeg gesetz of the beeg moms atolls! Thanks to Cutterman for looking over my stuff and beeg.con to Jellofunk where ever you are? Look for" Adventures in the Popsicle Navy #6 and Playful Peter Palmer #1! Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 21:52:05 -0700 beeg hd From: Gary Pinto Subject: Part 6: The Education of Colin beeg . Roarke free porn beeg THE EDUCATION OF COLIN ROARKE (MMMMMMM/bbbbbbb-M/b-M/t) By Max the Cat Comments and Suggestions to gmony6gmail Part 6: Tour of the beeg come Atolls: The plane carrying Bartholomew "Barney" Cutts an interviewer for B.T.W.'s Channel 6969, their Cable beeg..com subscription station had just landed on the Palmyra facilities air strip. He was here to do a remote for his viewing audience that would promote the new facility. As Barney deplaned he wiped his brow with a cloth "holy xnxx beeg fuck it's hot" he exclaimed. He was met by the Director and his staff "Welcome to Palmyra Island Barney" the director shook his hand "how hot is it?" Barney asked. The director smiled "about 103, but you get use to it, the boys are always naked and the Patron's follow suit, were beeg xx quite informal here" the director told him. beeg mp4 Barney looked out at the pristine white beach beeg/ and the beautiful blue water's "well it does have its upside" just then three naked boys www.beeg.com ran beegxxx by heading for the beach "yes beeg .com indeed it had an upside". They headed to the compound, where the buildings were air-conditioned, once again a couple naked Pleasure boys walked by, Barney got a hard on. 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They shook hands and the corporate magnate went over the boys on the computer. After some time he picked out Colin, Erik Avery, Roger "a new boy from England and Maurice from France, paid his money, which was quite sizable and collected the naked Pleasure boys, it would be a five day jaunt, which would not only include sex, but fishing snorkeling and scuba diving "I vant to experience this under water fucking I've heard so much about" the www.beeg director told him "you better take someone else beside Erik he's not much for swimming, so Gunther replaced him with another beag.com boy named Ritchey a blonde with braces" and loaded his beeg porn prizes on the yacht and disembarked. Colin stood on the side of the yacht and watched Palmyra Island beeg video become smaller beeg. "I like your ass" Gunther told him, the boy smiled "wait until you feel me move it, my muscles will blow your mind" and he slipped his hand down the man's trunk, took hold of his cock and squeezed beeg/ "I also give a mean blow job" Colin said with a smile. "Lets go below I want to experience it" Gunther said. As they beeg. headed to the man's room they saw Avery gobbling one of the guest's cocks his lips were covered with the man's pubic hair. "As good as www.beeg com that?" Gunther asked Collin looked up at the man "better". "Then Colin I can't wait" Gunther said. 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The Proctor then made another announcement "Remember that five this afternoon the "Musical Boi's Game" will start, we still have three slots open so if your interested in participating sign up, soon! Barney asked "What the beeg xvideos hell is "Musical Boi's?" and a Patron explained "You ever beegxx play Musical Chairs? Barney smiled "yes in church", the Patron chuckled "this beeg lesbian is the XXX rated version, thirty boys in a circle, the Patron's find an beeg gesetz open mouth and fill it with their cock, the boys try to get you to cum (if you do it cost's you a thousand), a number comes down in a monitor www.beeg and that boy goes to the side the Patron's march in a circle and when the music stops there is a scramble to find an open mouth, if you can't, you get the boy along the wall for the night." Barney smiled "sounds like fun, we'll get it on beeg 18 film for the audience, let's go Chet" then he and his cameraman headed to the other game room to set up. 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Chet's camera viewed Barney's shorts and the wet spot that had formed were he came in them! Colin was sitting on the front of the boat, beeg com. his legs crossed and his eyes closed when Mr. beeg/ Siato, the Japanese businessman sat beside him. "What are you doing Colin-san" and Colin opened xxx beeg his eyes and looked at the man "oh hello beeg black sir, I have been reading a book beeg ass on "Astral Projection" beeg porno and I was trying to project myself back to the island to my friend Erik", the man chuckles "I admire your fortitude, but you cannot project your body, it is your sprit that is to be projected" then the man looked out to sea. "My spirit?" Colin inquired, "I don't get it, and I think I should read it again". Again the man chuckled "close beeg gesetz your eyes and picture your friend, now send him yourself", so Colin tried. The sat there for some time "are you finished; now when we get back you ask your friend if he felt you in him?" 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Barney looked into the camera "Well folks this is Barney Cutts from Palmyra Island your next vacation destination, I know you mom beeg will enjoy it, I sure have"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Cutterman, look for his Coco Project! Still looking for Jellofunk????? Look for new stories: "Beautiful Green Eyes" and "What about Adam?" Date: Thu, 5 Apr beeg. com 2001 porno beeg www beeg com 01:42:37 EDT From: jediplightaol Subject: The Education of Joshua WARNING: The following story depicts explicit intimite acts between an adult and a minor. If your local laws or statutes prohibit your reading this type of material, or free beeg www beeg com if you personally disagree with beeg massage or do not want to read about this type of relationship, leave this site/story now. THE EDUCATION OF JOSHUA Part One Well, I suppose it began about 5 or so years ago in a small town in Southern California, during beeg.com/ a hot and windless summer day. I knew priorly that I liked to play with boys and help them with projects, play football, take them to movies, etc., and didn't really stumble across the term or idea of "boylover" until a few years later, but indeed that was what I was. And if any summer were beeg mp4 to drive that point and idea home, this was the one. Joshua was 11, slender with a mom beeg killer smile, the kind of blonde beeh that is undeniably blonde, but which gets even more blonde with the summer sun, and bright blue eyes that twinkled. Joshua (or www beeg.com "Josh" as he liked to be called) lived right next door beeg milf to me and absolutely loved to help with just about anything beeeg I did, including porno beeg water my lawn, which I was doing at this moment. "Hi, Michael," he yelled as he skipped across his yard, "Can I help?" My instant reaction was of course yes, teen beeg because b eeg I loved being around this boy. 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I could hear the 'frig door slam shut, so I knew he'd gotten his drink. His dad beeg com. popped his head out of their front door and asked if I'd seen Joshua, and I said yeah, he beag.com was getting a cold soda. "He'll drink you outta house and home if you let beeq.com him" he said, "but send him home if he porno beeg gets in your way." "No prob" I beeg tubes said, and he went back inside. I turned off the water, stomped my feet on the beeg ass front porch, and went inside. . I got myself a cold beer, and went into the family room where the TV was already on and Josh was laying back against the couch back, nearly prone. Damn! he was a cutie! free beeg I mean, he beeg sexxx wasn't seriously good looking, or overly handsome, or muscular, beeg com. or any one specific beeg come thing. It was just that he was tallish, slender, good looks, friendly, and beeg com about a dozen other cool qualities. I lay back on the couch next to him, and asked what he was watching. 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